onsdag 26. september 2012


                  NN07 skjorte og bukse, Arnie Says genser og Ganni jakke

torsdag 20. september 2012

tirsdag 18. september 2012

Filippa K.... :)

Jakke, bukse og genser fra Filippa K, sko fra Acne.... Skjerf med print Holzweiler, og ensfarget fra Filippa K

torsdag 13. september 2012


                   Den mye omtalte jakken fra Gestuz, og som Camilla Pihl "L.O.V.E"

onsdag 12. september 2012

Cala & Jade!

CALA & JADE unveil a flirtatious reflection of the two names. Cala / original, confident and refined. A true aristocratic beauty. Jade / edgy, playful and sensual A strong mysterious flirt
CALA & JADE was established by the Norwegian design duo Nina Amble Sandaas and Tina C. Skaar, who met whilst studying alongside each other for three years at ESMOD, the fashion school in Oslo. Having discovered that they shared a common childhood dream to create their own fashion brand, they chose womenswear as their field and, having initially specialized in fur, went on to create a stunning range of leather bags. Their fascination for all things leather and obsession with developing new material techniques eventually became an essential part of their philosophy and lead to the creation of their new fashion brand, CALA & JADE.

Welcome to the danish brand..... Ganni!

At Ganni we don’t believe in the idea of one single designer personifying entire collections again and again, we prefer exchanging ideas. We do that within the design team and together with other artists that inspire us. Together we blend past classics with the best of the present - to create collections that are sexy and vibrant.